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A boost for your immune system

Chi Gong or Qigong (energy work) is an exercise and healing system that enhances health and prevents illness. Through breathing and fluid movements, the body and mind align. This allows the body to de-stress and unlock stuck energy which, when stuck, can lead to a lowered immune system, creating disease. The purpose of Chi Gong is to create balance/homeostasis, allowing the body to naturally repair and heal itself. Dress comfortably so that your body can move freely.

Chi Gong focuses on these 3 areas:

  • Noticing/Attending your body’s internal energy.
  • Causing/Intending your internal energy to calm, heal and protect the systems of the body.
  • Balance – How do I create peace and joy in all areas of my life?

Virtual Ghi Gong Training (open to the public)

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Please see the schedule below:

Training Schedule

Tuesday, April 14th Training 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm*

Training tuition: $99.00 per person

*Ending times are approximate

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When you attend one of our new live virtual online trainings the tuition will be applied toward that training’s next in-house group training event at The Impact Training Center!