Impact Graduate Recharge – It is time to reconnect and recharge

1. As an Impact Graduate you may be so caught up in everyday life that you have disconnected from what really matters to you, and at times feel stuck in different areas of your life.  

2. No matter how positive you feel when you wake up, hours of dealing with negativity and demands from others can leave you completely drained. 

3. When life gets hectic, join the Impact recharge program and gain balance, motivation and reconnect to your purpose. 

4. Since your Impact Trainings, you have moved into new chapters of your life. As time goes on you may find yourself holding back from the future you deserve. Before you move forward in life it is time to have an Impact Recharge so that you are ready for what lies ahead. 

5. In the Impact Graduate Recharge program,  you will RECHARGE your body, mind, and spirit so you can go into the next chapters of your life renewed and ready to really take it on!

  • Let go of any new pain or regret. 
  • Stretch your comfort zone even wider. 
  • Feel fully refreshed and geared up to jump right back into your lifestyle right now.

 6. The Impact Trainings as constantly recharged and infused in new powerful exercises and experiences. 

Come on back and indulge in our new energy, information and life-enhancing skills.