Say this week’s affirmation 9 times – see below

 Listen to the message of this new song “Only Love.” How does this song apply to your life? – see below

Free Introduction Event

Registration 6:00pm Begins at 6:30pm

Dress Professionally. See you there!!

Be sure to bring a guest

  • **Seventy-five milers. Invite guests to be on the virtual Guest Presentation with you. This could be your family, friends, people in your life at work, in your neighborhood, etc. Log in at


  • Share with someone on your My Communities sheet the value of the Quest training. Share your Word Picture and introduce them to the possibility of going into the next Quest.

  • Trust yourself and invite them to come to the Free Introduction Event tonight.

  • Who will you invite?

  • Reminder: Zoom in on Personal Power “Be empowered to create HAPPINESS – INNER PEACE – SUCCESS IN RELATIONSHIPS” is on Friday Virtually. Be sure to log in early at Make sure you have your binder, notebook, and pen. Find a quiet and private place in your home or office where you can be alone (unless your spouse or significant other is in the training also, be sure to be together.) It starts at 6:30pm sharp. Watch for an email with all the details and handouts.

    Say this affirmation 9 times and sit silently for 2 minutes and let it really sink in.  

    After saying your affirmation listen to the message of this song. How does this song apply to your life?