Say this week’s affirmation nine times – see below

 Listen to the song for this week Heart to Heart. (feel the message) – see below

  •  Where did you put your Blessing Board?

  •  What are you creating with your Blessing Board?

  •  Add a favorite quote to the board and inspire others to do the same.

  •  Leave your Blessing Board up during your whole Lift Off Training.

  • Create another Blessing Board at your office or in a public space.

“Gratitude is the key to Abundance.”

 *Free Introduction Event tonight*

 Registration at 6:00pm – Begins at 6:30pm

This is a night to bring a guest to the Guest Presentation.


  • Share with someone in your life the value of the Quest training. Share your Word Picture and introduce them to the possibility of going into the next Quest.
  • Invite them to trust you and bring them to the Guest Presentation tonight!


  • Reminder: Extraordinary Relationships is on Friday. Be at the Impact Training Center at 6:30pm circled up with your Lift Off Family. Bring water with you to have in the training room.
Affirmation for this week:

Say this affirmation nine times, and then sit in silence for two minutes & let it really sink in. 

After saying your affirmation, listen to the message of this song. How does this song apply to your life?