Awaken To Life Mastery Special - Impact Trainings

Awaken To Life Mastery Special

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The next powerful step on your Journey!

This training will provide powerful experiences, practical insights, and loving support designed to empower you to “live your vision” on a deeper, stronger, and more spirit-filled level. Learn to balance yourself, trust your natural knowing, read the energies around you and connect to Universal truth. Life Mastery Training is a inspiring, deep, and joyful experience.

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“The great lesson I have learned in impact is that I am the light! I am the one who can make a powerful difference in this world. I matter and my voice matters. And by learning these things I have felt more love in my life that I ever thought possible. For years I had been searching and pleading for other people to approve of me and there for love me.  It’s not until Impact Training that I found love for myself, the deepest love I could possibly imagine. This love I also know is from my creator and until I loved myself I was blocking Gods love and everyone else in my life. Claiming to be my light and my love causes me to take action in my life. I AM causing something rather than being subject to the circumstances. In this way I AM the love I’ve been searching for and I AM the love other people are searching for.”

Chanel S