Life Mastery Training Level 3

Monthly administrative fee of $14.95 + staffing commitment
(The administrative fee of $14.95 will be billed to your card on a monthly basis)

(Prerequisite: Awaken To Life Mastery)

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Living in the Light

Life Mastery Training Level 3 is an ongoing study with graduates of The Awaken To Life Mastery Training. Throughout the ages, music, color, sound, light, and the elements of nature have been binding agents for all humanity.

This diversified group of graduates literally create their own schedule of trainings ranging from meeting in the Impact Trainings Center to traveling to the oceans, mountains and desert lands. They are a united, empowered, and enlightened group of graduates who have chosen to literally live the positive impact of the trainings every moment of their lives. They are willing to take charge of their own world and truly become the masters of their lives.

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