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Quest Mastery Track

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Quest, Summit, Lift-Off & Awaken To Life Mastery

Quest – The Quest Training is designed to free the real you and give you the courage and personal power to say, do, and be what you have been afraid of. The Quest Training can give you the necessary skills and tools to discover what life is like when you are willing to take a passionate stand. Quest allows you to open the door to discover what you are particularly suited to accomplish.

Summit – In Summit you will experience a level of your magnificence you’ve yet to experience. The Summit Training is the place for you to take a stand as to what you are committed to create in your world. By being willing to take such a stand, you consciously begin to create it. The Summit Training can also enable you to experience the value of commitment, trust, and service. Consequently, your relationships will be more trusting and committed.

Lift-Off – Through the Lift Off Training, you will be able to see and acknowledge the results you’ve created in your life by incorporating the skills learned in the Quest and Summit trainings. You will see how taking on your life has affected your perceptions of the world and those within in a positive way.

Awake To Life Mastery – This training will provide powerful experiences, practical insights, and loving support designed to empower you to “live your vision” on a deeper, stronger, and more spirit-filled level. Learn to balance yourself, trust your natural knowing, read the energies around you and connect to Universal truth. Life Mastery Training is a inspiring, deep, and joyful experience.

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“The Trainings have assisted me to remember who I AM and given me tools to remind me of the awesome power that I hold within myself. I share these truths with others by simply being me all the time. I have learned to recognize my walls, breakthrough them and move forward with anything and everything that comes up for me. I live my life from a space of knowing rather than question or wondering. I simply place my hand over my heart, close my eyes and ask “What would wisdom do,” and then I do it. I know now that I AM a powerful, loving, joyful man of light.” And I remind myself of that truth every day.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Dorian B.