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Quest & Summit

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Quest & Summit

Quest – The Quest Training can give you the necessary skills and tools to discover what life is like when you are willing to take a passionate stand. Quest allows you to open the door to discover what you are particularly suited to accomplish.

Summit – In Summit you will experience a level of your magnificence you’ve yet to experience. The Summit Training is the place for you to take a stand as to what you are committed to create in your world. By being willing to take such a stand, you consciously begin to create it. The Summit Training can also enable you to experience the value of commitment, trust, and service. Consequently, your relationships will be more trusting and committed.

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“Participating in Quest & Summit has served my life in so many ways. I doubt I now realize the fullness of it, because my life is still shifting and improving. I am still learning things from my training experience. It isn’t a quick fix or a cure-all, but I have picked up so many tools that will assist me in shaping the rest of my life experiences, and as I become more proficient at using them I am experiencing more of my life.

Before Quest, I actually knew who I was, but I had buried a big part of myself behind walls of fear and self-judgment. I was so tired and frustrated that I was not being effective at any of the things I was working on in my life. I have always been able to “think big,” but I was coming up against a lot of stumbling blocks. I reached a point where I knew I could not do it anymore, and I was wondering if I just wasn’t capable of having what I’d always wanted: mainly real relationships, to be a mentor to my children, and to find abundance in all aspects of my life. I felt very victimized by many experiences in my life.

I was walking through my life with a huge iron cage over my body, able to reach out my arms, my head, and some how (though very stiffly) move my feet through the motions. I could not reach the people or the things in my life that I most desired to embrace. I could see beauty all around me, but not hold it in my hands.

The trainings have assisted me in bringing to the surface those parts of me that I had buried. I have taken the opportunity to learn, through my own experiences and through listening to others, what was not working and what does work; to know my worth to such a degree that I became unwilling to settle for what I was personally creating in my life, and to commit and act towards a life that would bring me joy. The training did not teach me what to think, or change my faith, but it changed my perspective and allowed me to free myself from self-limiting assumptions in a common sense manner. This has actually strengthened my faith, through strengthening my ability to act on it. It has made so much sense. I trusted that anything I heard could be weighed against my natural knowing and learned from that internal response, questioning everything.

I know that I have power, that I have the ability at any moment to change my actions and the outcome of any given situation. I have the ability to look at things from a different perspective, and when I step back into “the grungies”, I know how to get out again with the power of a simple thought. I’ve lightened up a bit, become less judgmental of others, and happier and a bit easier on myself in the process.

My greatest breakthrough is that I know I am loveable and I am no longer invisible to the people around me. The walls that hid me looked like granite, but could be blown away like a dusting of sand. 

The greatest miracle is that shifting has begun to occur in my family, healing decades of hurt, and new relationships with my children and husband are coming alive. Again, I was able to clear the air of assumptions that limited my relationships and were judgmental. I know that I don’t have to do anymore, or run any faster to make things work. When something doesn’t turn out the way I expect, I can still work with it, and create something unique. When something comes up that hurts, I get to explore it with a sense of peace because I am sure of myself and of my purpose. I am always at choice and that is an amazing feeling.