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Summit Mastery Track

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Summit, Lift-Off & Awaken To Life Mastery

Summit – In Summit you will experience a level of your magnificence you’ve yet to experience. The Summit Training is the place for you to take a stand as to what you are committed to create in your world. By being willing to take such a stand, you consciously begin to create it. The Summit Training can also enable you to experience the value of commitment, trust, and service. Consequently, your relationships will be more trusting and committed.

Lift-Off – Through the Lift Off Training, you will be able to see and acknowledge the results you’ve created in your life by incorporating the skills learned in the Quest and Summit trainings. You will see how taking on your life has affected your perceptions of the world and those within in a positive way.

Awake To Life Mastery – This training will provide powerful experiences, practical insights, and loving support designed to empower you to “live your vision” on a deeper, stronger, and more spirit-filled level. Learn to balance yourself, trust your natural knowing, read the energies around you and connect to Universal truth. Life Mastery Training is a inspiring, deep, and joyful experience.

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“The great lesson I have learned in impact is that I am the light! I am the one who can make a powerful difference in this world. I matter and my voice matters. And by learning these things I have felt more love in my life that I ever thought possible. For years I had been searching and pleading for other people to approve of me and there for love me.  It’s not until Impact Training that I found love for myself, the deepest love I could possibly imagine. This love I also know is from my creator and until I loved myself I was blocking Gods love and everyone else in my life. Claiming to be my light and my love causes me to take action in my life. I AM causing something rather than being subject to the circumstances. In this way I AM the love I’ve been searching for and I AM the love other people are searching for.”

Chanel S