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Summit Special

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You have something unique to offer this world!

In Summit you will experience a level of your magnificence you’ve yet to experience. The Summit Training is the place for you to take a stand as to what you are committed to create in your world. By being willing to take such a stand, you consciously begin to create it. The Summit Training can also enable you to experience the value of commitment, trust, and service. Consequently, your relationships will be more trusting and committed.

In Summit, you will get a clearer picture to what that is. Possessing this clarity can assist you in eliminating self-doubt and gaining more confidence when pondering which decision to make or what direction to take. Being clear can determine the difference between being understood, rather than misunderstood, by those around you.

You can be accepted for who and how you are, versus the people around you wanting to change you to the way they think you ought to be. In return, you will begin to understand others around you and the way they are without getting annoyed by them and feeling the need to change them.

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“My heart is filled with love, the pure love of christ and I get to share that with everyone I come in contact with. I have a brilliant light, one that shines soooooo bright for the world to see. People saw it in me before, but now I see it within myself and know of the truth and love that it brings to this world. THANK YOU IMPACT TRAININGS!!!! I love each and every single one of you and myself.”