Quest April 13th-15th, 2023

Begin Anew. Remember the Real You!


Take a quantum leap towards being a happier, more loving, and productive person!

The Impact Trainings are unique in this world. Each training is targeted at a different aspect of life and is designed to empower the human spirit toward a free, unconditional loving and joyful life. We provide a safe and sharing environment for each student to discover and be their true selves.

The Core Trainings

Quest, Summit, Lift-Off, and Awaken to Life Mastery are the Core Trainings. Each training builds on the previous and form the foundation for all Impact Trainings. Break through your barriers, discover your purpose, and create life-long success.

Life Mastery Training III

Life Mastery Training III is your next step after completing the Core Trainings. Healing the world through music, color, sound, light and the elements of nature. Put your dreams into action! “Awaken the Trainer, Teacher, and Leader within You.”

The Speciality Trainings

The Speciality Trainings were developed to target specific areas of everyday life. The tools of each training are designed to assist you to live your core training at a deeper lever as you take your life to higher levels in all areas of your life.

 Measurable results come from Impact Training:


Of Graduates feel more ENERGY, PASSION, and EXCITEMENT for life.


Of graduates note IMPROVED RELATIONSHIPS at home and work.


Of graduates RECOMMEND this training to friends and family.

Who can benefit by the Impact Trainings?

Confident happy woman calmly smiling with eyes closed.
If you are searching for happiness in any area of your life.

Impact Trainings provide practical, specific skills that enable you to make the changes that you desire in yourself. You learn what you truly want in love relationships, family relationships, health, and, most of all, what you want in life.

Happy businessman smiling.
If you desire greater success and satisfaction in your career.

You learn how to effectively communicate with everyone; your clients, your employees, and coworkers. Learn to cultivate and use your power of discernment in making any business decision. Learn about accountability and a higher from of integrity in the work place. Tap into a new source of inspiration and energy, becoming more effective in the work place and with co-workers. Get the results you have always wanted in your career.

Father and son hugging
If your family relationships are troubled by adversity.

You learn the skills to actually heal relationships instead of pointing the finger at each other. In order to heal outside relationships, you have to heal yourself first. You learn specific communication and listening skills that will assist you in creating miracles in family and love relationships. You experience talking to your family members without judgment or blame, and with great clarity and love.

Father hugging pregnant wife's belly.
If you are at a turning point in your life.

Facing a career change, birth of a child, divorce, the death of a spouse, death of a child, graduation from college, mid-life transitions, retirement, or if you are searching for more peace of mind about life’s challenges. You gain an entirely new perspective on life in this training.

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