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Our purpose is to provide experiential trainings that will assist you in taking on your life.  The Impact Trainings are designed for individuals who lives are working, and who are ready to experience more productivity and positive results in their life.

Tens of thousands of people of all ages from all backgrounds, occupations, and professions from all corners of the globe have taken control of their lives through the Impact Trainings. Individuals have learned how to create and sustain feelings of optimism, peace of mind, clarity, personal power, and joy.

There are no other trainings like the Impact Trainings anywhere in the world.

The¬†Impact Trainings¬†were co-founded by Hans and Sally Berger in 1985 and are based in¬†Salt Lake City, Utah. Our purpose is to create a safe environment where you “take on your life”, and learn to “live life instead of life living you.” We provide experiential trainings that assist you in coming to the knowledge of who you truly are.

The Impact Vision is to empower the human spirit towards free, unconditionally-loving, and harmonious living.

What is an “experiential training”?

In the¬†Impact Trainings¬†setting, processes are set up and designed to assist you in taking an active part in discovering what “makes you tick”, and why you respond to life’s situations the way you do. On the surface, it may appear that your life is working and, for all practical purposes, it is. “Then,” you might ask, “what is it that has me deal with life and my relationships the way I do?” In order to find that answer, you must go deeper inside to the very bottom of you where the silent pain, anger, and disappointment lies that you so successfully have stuffed. Perhaps even now you tell yourself that you have dealt with that a long time ago. Or, you might even pretend it is not part of you anymore. And yet, at the strangest times, you feel emotions come up and you shift from being “in charge of your life” to feelings of sadness, confusion, and wanting to be alone. You might find people not seeming to understand you and old friendships falling away. Or, you may wonder how to deal with friends, co-workers, and family. You may even be thinking it is just you and wonder what is wrong with you. Relax! It is happening to all of us!

In the Impact Trainings, you will have the opportunity to deal with all these issues that seem to affect you and run you, rather than you being in charge of your life. In the trainings, you will have the opportunity to take this old stuck energy and displace it by all the new energy coming. It is really a simple process: If you have a glass of water with a layer mud on the bottom (old stuck energy), and if you begin to pour a constant stream of new fresh water (new energy) in, the first thing that happens is the mud is stirred and the water becomes muddy. If you continue to pour in fresh water, eventually all the old mud (old stuck energy) will get flushed out and you are left with a glass of fresh, pure water (new energy).

Also, during the trainings, you will have the opportunity to move around in the training room and interact with others.

There are five aspects of an “experiential training” that you will experience:

  • Lecturettes (short informational lectures)
  • One-on-one interaction with the Trainer
  • Interaction with a small group
  • Interaction with a large group
  • Being by yourself in process

Impact Training

Impact Training
14823 Heritage Crest Way
Bluffdale, UT 84065

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Impact Training

Impact Training
14823 Heritage Crest Way
Bluffdale, UT 84065

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