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Awaken To Life Mastery

Awaken the Trainer, Teacher and Leader in YOU!

Regardless of where you find yourself in your personal journey, you will discover new and joyful ways to put your dreams into action. Learn to create inner balance, trust your natural knowing and promptings and connect to Mother Earth and elements of nature – color, sound, and Light.

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This training will provide powerful experiences, practical insights, and loving support designed to empower you to “live your vision” on a deeper, stronger, and more spirit-filled level. Learn to balance yourself, trust your natural knowing, read the energies around you and connect to Universal truth. Life Mastery Training is a inspiring, deep, and joyful experience.

Trained by Sally Berger

This Awaken To Life Mastery training will be a Virtual Training. Once you have registered, we will send you an email with all the details.

When you attend the this Virtual Training your tuition will be applied towards the next in house Awaken To Life Mastery training at the Impact Training Center.
Please see the schedule below:

2020 Awaken To Life Mastery ONLINE
Training Schedule

April 24 – 25 Friday 6 pm – 10 pm*
Saturday 12 noon – 5 pm*
May 1 – 2 Friday 6 pm – 10 pm*
Saturday 12 noon – 5 pm*
May 8 – 9 Friday 6 pm – 10 pm*
Saturday 12 noon – 5 pm*
May 15 – 16 Friday 6 pm – 10 pm*
Saturday 12 noon – 5 pm*

*Ending times are approximate

Training Tuition: $999.00

The Words of Our Graduates

The Trainings have assisted me to remember who I AM and given me tools to remind me of the awesome power that I hold within myself. I share these truths with others by simply being me all the time. I have learned to recognize my walls, breakthrough them and move forward with anything and everything that comes up for me. I live my life from a space of knowing rather than question or wondering. I simply place my hand over my heart, close my eyes and ask “What would wisdom do,” and then I do it. I know now that I AM a powerful, loving, joyful man of light.” And I remind myself of that truth every day.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Dorian B.

The great lesson I have learned in impact is that I am the light! I am the one who can make a powerful difference in this world. I matter and my voice matters. And by learning these things I have felt more love in my life that I ever thought possible. For years I had been searching and pleading for other people to approve of me and there for love me.  It’s not until Impact Training that I found love for myself, the deepest love I could possibly imagine. This love I also know is from my creator and until I loved myself I was blocking Gods love and everyone else in my life. Claiming to be my light and my love causes me to take action in my life. I AM causing something rather than being subject to the circumstances. In this way I AM the love I’ve been searching for and I AM the love other people are searching for.
Chanel S

My biggest breakthrough was to realize that I AM love.  I came out of the space of blaming and being upset about how everything outside of me was to blame for my life being the way it was.  As I realized that I am love, can love, and use love I found that my life is happier and flows with the greatest of ease.  I connect to people, make friends and have a space in my life to be and create happiness.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Chris J

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