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Quest Special

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Open the Door. Look Into the Mirror and Discover Yourself!

Take on your life. Do your relationships work, or are you just tolerating them? Is there complete honesty in your communication with those you love and work with, or are you afraid to speak the truth for that others will not understand? Do you feel you have what it takes to be everything you say you want to be?

Is it really possible to see your life transform in just three days?

Many thousands of people like you have found that it is indeed possible, and that is why they are thrilled to send their friends and loved ones to make that same discovery. The Quest Training is designed to free the real you and give you the courage and personal power to say, do, and be what you have been afraid of. The Quest Training can give you the necessary skills and tools to discover what life is like when you are willing to take a passionate stand. Quest allows you to open the door to discover what you are particularly suited to accomplish.

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“I am amazed every single day at the transformation I have experienced. I wake up knowing that there will be breakthrough on some level. Opportunity, is a word that holds meaning for me now because I know that with clear intention and action I step into my dreams. I’ve also learned that my dreams are there to inspire me to be the gift that I am. I am claiming those dreams and the power I posses. I am living in an intuitive space and I trust like I never have before. That is huge for me and I am experiencing a peace in my life that is delicious.

This training has resulted in a transformation in my relationships. I accept the love of my friends and family. I trust that it is authentic. I forgave my mother, which is something that I had been wanting to do for years. I honor her for the gift that she is and I honor her for being willing to step into her life and know that she knew what her life would be and chose it out of love. I look into her eyes and experience her in a whole new way. I also have claimed my power with her. I had been giving it to her because I didn’t trust myself to make my own decisions. I ran everything by her first, got her approval, and only then would take action on my decision. Because of that dependence on her approval I resented her. Now, I trust my intuition, I know my truth and I make my decisions. I know my mother celebrates that with me. My relationship with my dad has transformed. I accept his love and the distance between us has and is closing. What a wonderful thing!!! I feel worthy of my family’s love and see how I have taught and served them.  I no longer beat myself up over the choices I made in my life or the experiences I’ve had because they abosolutely served me, taught me, and have made me what I am, and I embrace that. I know my friends love and value me and I am free to accept that love and love them completely in return. That is a miracle!

This training has been a spiritual gift. My concept of my creator is transforming and the results are a marriage between my religion and the spiritual connection I have always felt. Before this training my experience of my religion was dry because the spiritual component was not there. It was in me, but I had some fixed beliefs that prevented me from being my authentic self and claiming all that I am. I felt that I was slowly dying because I was denying myself of living my spiritual gifts and creating what I have been drawn to in my life. Now, I see the connection of it all and that is the most exciting thing of all!!! As I have embarked on the journey of claiming and creating those things in my life, my daughter has come alive. What an intuitive being she is. Her freedom, and her expression of love has blossomed as I have stepped into and claimed my life, my dreams and my gifts. I am creating a space for her to do and be what she is created to be, and that is mangificent.

My life is a new beginning. I am trust. I am love. I am a healer. I am a giver. I am a reciever. I am a creator. I am a goddess. I AM.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you!