The Quantum Leap Forward in Life!

Quest is the first part of our three-part Core Trainings (Quest, Summit, and Lift Off). This three-day training is designed to assist you in taking a look at yourself, putting your life under a microscope, getting in touch with and challenging your personal “fixed beliefs” and barriers that keep you from getting what you want in every facet of your life. Experience passion, gratitude, and love for life!


The next Quest is February 16th-18th, 2023

Open the Door. Look Into the Mirror and Discover Yourself!

Take on your life. Do your relationships work, or are you just tolerating them? Is there complete honesty in your communication with those you love and work with, or are you afraid to speak the truth for that others will not understand? Do you feel you have what it takes to be everything you say you want to be?

Is it really possible to see your life transform in just three days?

Many thousands of people like you have found that it is indeed possible, and that is why they are thrilled to send their friends and loved ones to make that same discovery. The Quest Training is designed to free the real you and give you the courage and personal power to say, do, and be what you have been afraid of. The Quest Training can give you the necessary skills and tools to discover what life is like when you are willing to take a passionate stand. Quest allows you to open the door to discover what you are particularly suited to accomplish.

The Three Days of Quest

Quest is held over three days with the contents of each day detailed as follows:

Relationship Skills and Accountability
Participants will discover the importance of their interactions, and relationship skills in their personal lives and their careers. The difference between controlling, manipulating, and empowering will be discussed in a very direct and honest way. They will learn how accountability is critical to their success in business and in life. Participants will discover the importance of trusting themselves and how this effects every area of their lives. This is done in large and small group interactions.

Personal Strength and Communications
Participants will gain a clear understanding of their strength as well as the strengths of the people around them. They will also see the areas that deserve improvement along with the “games they play in life” to stay in control of others. They will engage in effective, clear, decision making skills and communication skills. They will learn how to overcome their fears and really “show up” in life.

Blocks to Leadership and Taking Action
Participants will identify and confront the blocks they have established in life; the blocks that keep them from performing at their best. Emphasis is placed on learning to overcome negative thought patterns in life (fixed beliefs). Each participant will learn what criteria to apply to achieve effective communication skills and the benefits of enthusiasm, risking, and taking action.

Personal Power, Loyalty, and Dedication
Participant will develop “an attitude of gratitude” and the ability to influence people and build teamwork. Participants will experience brainstorming in a short amount of time and take action. They will take accountability for decisions made. Clear and concise communication and relationship building will be discussed. All participants claim new and powerful ways to BE in life.

Quest Training Tuition: $745.00

The Words of Our Graduates

The Impact Trainings have been a blessing and a miracle in my life. I can see the differences in my life starting to show up even before I knew what impact was through the relationship I had and have with my angel. She absolutely lives Impact in her life, and it was very obvious that there was something different about her from the time I first got to know her. But because she had the insight to recognize the value I could find in Impact, and then the courage to show me and the enthusiasm to inspire me I found myself ready to take it on.

Through the assistance of her example I went into my first day of Quest completely open to any possibilities and full of energy to take on every moment. Almost immediately I found myself delving into parts of my own spirit and soul that I had kept covered for years. What amazes me still is that even though I had been told over and over again by insightful people in my life that they knew I was covering up the greatness in me, I wrote it off as insignificant because I thought I “knew” who I was.

Quest showed me where to look for the parts of me that I had been hiding for so long and the joy I experienced as I tapped into that again was more powerful than I knew I could feel. What I learned though is that had it not been for the pain I had experienced throughout my life, I would not have been able to know that joy. Because of that realization I got to be grateful for the hard things that I had resented for so long.

Summit is where I really got in touch with how perfect the universe balances everything and how much I had done to throw that balance off in my own life. Through my choices I had allowed myself to live life from one point of existence when I really have a huge selection of ways that I can approach life. I learned the value of stretching myself out of the comfortable space in which I had learned to live to create new ways of taking on life. I’ve found so much more value in every day life than what I allowed myself to see before because now I can look at life from a world of new angles and through a world of different eyes. Summit is also where I got to remind myself of who I really am, where I really come from, and who I am created to be. I know now that I am a being of light and perfection.

Lift-Off has been a wonderful teacher for me. Through Lift-Off I’ve learned out to recognize from moment to moment when I am living life from my head, but more importantly I know how to create a shift from that space to a space where I live from my heart. The ropes course, at every single event, gave me that opportunity, and I was excited to see it and take hold of it. I’ve learned how to communicate my feelings with relationships around me, and I’ve learned how to love, honor, and respect myself and the relationships around me.

Finally, the part of impact that has meant the most to me comes from Quest again. I became aware of the intricacies of choice. I became aware that even though there are not accidents in life, there always has been agency to make choices. And I learned that those choices give me the option to either create inspiration or to be effected by circumstance. Impact truly has shown me the path upon which I get to LIVE.


I am amazed every single day at the transformation I have experienced. I wake up knowing that there will be breakthrough on some level. Opportunity, is a word that holds meaning for me now because I know that with clear intention and action I step into my dreams. I’ve also learned that my dreams are there to inspire me to be the gift that I am. I am claiming those dreams and the power I posses. I am living in an intuitive space and I trust like I never have before. That is huge for me and I am experiencing a peace in my life that is delicious.

This training has resulted in a transformation in my relationships. I accept the love of my friends and family. I trust that it is authentic. I forgave my mother, which is something that I had been wanting to do for years. I honor her for the gift that she is and I honor her for being willing to step into her life and know that she knew what her life would be and chose it out of love. I look into her eyes and experience her in a whole new way. I also have claimed my power with her. I had been giving it to her because I didn’t trust myself to make my own decisions. I ran everything by her first, got her approval, and only then would take action on my decision. Because of that dependence on her approval I resented her. Now, I trust my intuition, I know my truth and I make my decisions. I know my mother celebrates that with me. My relationship with my dad has transformed. I accept his love and the distance between us has and is closing. What a wonderful thing!!! I feel worthy of my family’s love and see how I have taught and served them.  I no longer beat myself up over the choices I made in my life or the experiences I’ve had because they abosolutely served me, taught me, and have made me what I am, and I embrace that. I know my friends love and value me and I am free to accept that love and love them completely in return. That is a miracle!

This training has been a spiritual gift. My concept of my creator is transforming and the results are a marriage between my religion and the spiritual connection I have always felt. Before this training my experience of my religion was dry because the spiritual component was not there. It was in me, but I had some fixed beliefs that prevented me from being my authentic self and claiming all that I am. I felt that I was slowly dying because I was denying myself of living my spiritual gifts and creating what I have been drawn to in my life. Now, I see the connection of it all and that is the most exciting thing of all!!! As I have embarked on the journey of claiming and creating those things in my life, my daughter has come alive. What an intuitive being she is. Her freedom, and her expression of love has blossomed as I have stepped into and claimed my life, my dreams and my gifts. I am creating a space for her to do and be what she is created to be, and that is mangificent.

My life is a new beginning. I am trust. I am love. I am a healer. I am a giver. I am a reciever. I am a creator. I am a goddess. I AM.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Participating in Quest, Summit, and Lift-off has served my life in so many ways. I doubt I now realize the fullness of it, because my life is still shifting and improving. I am still learning things from my training experience. It isn’t a quick fix or a cure-all, but I have picked up so many tools that will assist me in shaping the rest of my life experiences, and as I become more proficient at using them I am experiencing more of my life.

Before Quest, I actually knew who I was, but I had buried a big part of myself behind walls of fear and self-judgment. I was so tired and frustrated that I was not being effective at any of the things I was working on in my life. I have always been able to “think big,” but I was coming up against a lot of stumbling blocks. I reached a point where I knew I could not do it anymore, and I was wondering if I just wasn’t capable of having what I’d always wanted: mainly real relationships, to be a mentor to my children, and to find abundance in all aspects of my life. I felt very victimized by many experiences in my life.

I was walking through my life with a huge iron cage over my body, able to reach out my arms, my head, and some how (though very stiffly) move my feet through the motions. I could not reach the people or the things in my life that I most desired to embrace. I could see beauty all around me, but not hold it in my hands.

The trainings have assisted me in bringing to the surface those parts of me that I had buried. I have taken the opportunity to learn, through my own experiences and through listening to others, what was not working and what does work; to know my worth to such a degree that I became unwilling to settle for what I was personally creating in my life, and to commit and act towards a life that would bring me joy. The training did not teach me what to think, or change my faith, but it changed my perspective and allowed me to free myself from self-limiting assumptions in a common sense manner. This has actually strengthened my faith, through strengthening my ability to act on it. It has made so much sense. I trusted that anything I heard could be weighed against my natural knowing and learned from that internal response, questioning everything.

I know that I have power, that I have the ability at any moment to change my actions and the outcome of any given situation. I have the ability to look at things from a different perspective, and when I step back into “the grungies”, I know how to get out again with the power of a simple thought. I’ve lightened up a bit, become less judgmental of others, and happier and a bit easier on myself in the process.

My greatest breakthrough is that I know I am loveable and I am no longer invisible to the people around me. The walls that hid me looked like granite, but could be blown away like a dusting of sand. 

The greatest miracle is that shifting has begun to occur in my family, healing decades of hurt, and new relationships with my children and husband are coming alive. Again, I was able to clear the air of assumptions that limited my relationships and were judgmental. I know that I don’t have to do anymore, or run any faster to make things work. When something doesn’t turn out the way I expect, I can still work with it, and create something unique. When something comes up that hurts, I get to explore it with a sense of peace because I am sure of myself and of my purpose. I am always at choice and that is an amazing feeling.


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