Mark Tex Eddy Jr.Mark Tex Eddy Jr.
05:24 02 Dec 18
Lets me say this.Going doing an fully participating diving in ..Ill give you my word .It moves your soul your mind an heart .Opens doors windows of life love an deep happiness.Life is full of questions, ask self how high do you want to go where an when!? Well I found mine, an if or when you decide to do this.Jump in give it honestly opening emerse self in an its amazing what happens next. ..Its a joy theill honor an transforming ...
Stefanie JosephStefanie Joseph
17:36 28 Nov 18
I have been going through the Core trainings over the past few months and have been so pleased with the outcome. I have learned so many valuable tools to be accountable for the choices that I make in my life. My relationships have never been better and I am seeing so much beauty, love and light in this world. Highly recommended to everyone, trust your heart.
Jake PowellJake Powell
03:16 31 Oct 18
Going to Impact was the best decision I ever made. It has been the most impactful experience of my life yet-no pun intended. I would definitely recommend this training to anyone. It’s an opportunity to take on one’s life.
Michael HarringtonMichael Harrington
20:07 30 Oct 18
Impact Training is the most important thing I have ever done, because the training has assisted me with giving the maximum life, vibrance, and passion to every area of my world. I have been blessed with a number of opportunities in my life. I am a lawyer by trade, and a musician by passion. I have two children who are my world and a family who is dear to me. All of the relationships in my life, as well as all my talents, have been improved beyond measure due to the choices I have made during my Impact experience. I am forever grateful.
Freedom SeekerzFreedom Seekerz
00:32 18 Oct 18
Christian PetersonThe greatest Gift that I could have ever given to myself! Changed my entire life! The greatest staff! amazing loving Genuine people in a very safe environment! Thank you Impact..
Karlee WrightKarlee Wright
02:44 29 Jan 17
THE BEST Training you could experience. This place has changed my life and continues to change the lives of many. If you are even thinking about doing this, reading this review right now, you belong here. Learn accountability and what it really means to care for others. Feel unconditional love. Experience compassion and pure joy.This training is an experiential training and like anything you will get what you put into it. I love the training because it is an ongoing process. I have been through all the core classes. It has been said, we remember10% of what we read20% of what we hear30% of what we see70% of what we discuss with others80% of what we personally experience95% or what we teach othersThe training is done in such a way that you will truly remember everything you ever needed to know. Best money I have ever spent. Thank You!